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Technical consultancy

101Consultancyshutterstock_238439221 provides a range of technical services to state owned and commercial organisations in the banknote industry related to the substrate, banknotes, banknote components as well as the technical issues surrounding banknote manufacturing.

We offer consultancy regarding the product, its design, feature integration and specification, as well as aligning the final product with process capabilities using six sigma (6-σ) process analysis and other advanced quality planning tools. 101Consultancy also advises on Security strategy and security feature selection for new banknotes / series of banknotes as well as the setting of technical specifications which in the light of developments in the industry, is becoming an increasingly complex process.

We understand the issues relating to the banknotes’ end-use performance. Banknote design and specification are crucial considerations and 101Consultancy can advise on designing and specifying for durability, intuitive public security, design integration as well as designing for social inclusion.

101Consultancy has experience of running major projects for central banks, including the management of new banknote projects, perception studies and live circulation trials, and assisting commercial and state owned organisations in researching, planning the development of and bringing new features into production as well as to market.

We also advise on and assist with

  1. Technical issue resolution and risk mitigation,
  2. Performance analysis and investigating failures in circulation
  3. Process analysis, problem resolution and process re-engineering
  4. Devising cost down projects to enhance, productivity and competitiveness.
  5. Supplier convergence programs to ensure that test methodologies and conditions are standardized to ensure differences in values reported between supplier organizations are reduced to the minimum.
  6. The provision of third party testing using independent laboratories, which have identified as being appropriately equipped and as having the necessary experience.