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101Consultancy has broad experience within the banknote industry and has assisted organisations preparing for new projects, from providing technical advice and assistance developing project plans or plans to fast track the completion of a project whilst maintaining a robust approach to ensure the required characteristics and performances are consistently achieved, to managing projects.

Examples of work undertaken include

  • Technology consultancy to provide insight into and assist in devising a robust development plan for a machine readable component to be used in banknotes
  • Management of new banknote projects for central banks
  • Advising on methodologies to significantly reduce print waste
  • Advising on preparations for a new banknote series
  • Advising central banks on feature selection and specifications.
  • Analysing product and process data and advising on methodologies to improve efficiencies and reliability in production and/or of the product in use
  • Devising ¬†projects achieving significant¬†year-on-year cost savings through process re-engineering projects.
  • Advising on testing laboratories and providing technical training